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About Me

If you came to my house today, you would walk up a beautiful old stone path bordered by lilies and roses. You would pass a wrought-iron pole with a morning glory vine twisting its way up to the old-time lantern. When you reached the porch, you would smell some honeysuckle and lilac, but wouldn't see them, as the bushes are around back. I would open the door to let you in, and soft classical music would spill out into the quiet country air. My children would be clean and well-mannered as they stand around smiling quietly. I would offer you a cup of coffee and some freshly-made cinnamon rolls...

Okay, so I made all of that up. The only true statement is that I would offer you a cup of coffee {haha}. I really like coffee and tea, but I especially like talking to friends. I would like for my house to look like my imaginary picture, and maybe some of that will be true someday, but for now, everything in my life is a work in progress. Isn't that how it is for everyone? So as you visit my blog, you will see my imperfections. Perhaps it will help you to feel more at home, knowing we are all imperfect people trying to grow and take care of our families.

The most important part of my life is pleasing the Lord. Jesus died on the cross for my sins. He saved my soul from the awful punishment of burning in hell. I love Him so very much and want to do anything He asks of me. The second most important person in my life is my husband, and my children come right behind him. Most of my life revolves around my family.

I am also a musician. I play piano well and can play almost any other instrument if I try. I used to be more involved in my music before I had children; now my practice time is sorely lacking. I mostly play at church and give private lessons. Maybe someday I will go back to college and get a master's degree; it depends on how the Lord leads.

For now, I am thoroughly enjoying the life God has given me. I want to learn the various tasks of a Proverbs 31 woman and be able to do them well. I guess that will keep me busy my whole lifetime...