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Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Apple Cake Pops

Today is the day for our church fall festival.  Bobby and I have been planning it since summer!  We got the church gym all decorated and set up last week, so there's not much to do today.  I should use this time to do some laundry and cleaning...{sigh}  Instead I am drinking some coffee and chatting with you, dear reader.

I just finished making these cake pops for the party.  Have you ever made cake pops?  They are super easy.

1.  Bake a cake.

2.  Frost it while it's still hot, so the frosting melts down into the cake.

3.  Stir it all up and shape into 1" balls.

4.  Freeze.

5.  Dip in melted chocolate.

I used red melting chocolate for these cake pops; then I stuck broken pretzel sticks in them.  My friend Sarah put green frosting leaves on them to make them look like candy apples.

Abbey and Lizzie are being very quiet in the other room {and making me nervous}.  I went to check on them.  They are eating the toothpaste (the kiddie kind with no fluoride) and playing with all of our toothbrushes.  They even opened the packages of the ones in the cabinet.  "But, Mom, we wanted to brush our teeth."

Jonathan is in the kitchen with me.  He fell asleep in his high chair while I was making the cake pops. 

"CRASH!"  Uh-oh.  That came from the bathroom.  Gotta go!  

Hannah Mix

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