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Monday, November 21, 2011

Beauty in the Darkness

A country night is very dark.  Driving on a dark country road, with trees on both sides, can get a little lonely, even a little spooky sometimes.  There's so many shadows moving away from the car headlights.  Today I was coming home from our Christmas program practice.  There was no moon or stars showing.  When I got to a certain point, I could see two eyes looking at me.  I slowed down and saw a beautiful buck walk across the road and stare at me as I drove carefully past. 

That deer turned the dark night into something beautiful.  I wonder who around me is in a dark time in her life.  Am I being an encouragement to her?  Sometimes we don't realize how we affect the people around us.  Am I a beautiful part of someone's life, or am I just blending into the darkness?  Am I reaching out to help someone, or am I just hiding in the shadows?

Hannah Mix


  1. What a wonderful analogy, Hannah. Love you! - Tinyla