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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Gift of a Day

A friend came over this morning and told me she was here to do "anything and everything."  I don't like to ask for anything, and my friend knew this, so she just came over and told me she was going to help.  She allowed me to spend some much-needed time with Abbey while she took care of Lizzie, Jon, and her own little baby.  She was such a blessing today and turned a stressful Monday into a {smiley-face} day.

I'm getting another post ready about our issues with Abbey.  It's a hard one to write, but I want to share some of this challenge with you.  Most of my day is spent helping her work through situations that come up, so I don't often have time to write.  Or, when I do have a few minutes, I'm too emotionally exhausted to open the computer.  I'll write more in another post.

Anyway, thank you, dear friend, for the gift of a day.  Today I feel so calm and rested!



  1. May God bless that friend of yours who gave you some of the best gifts of all... the gifts of time, friendship, love, care...!

  2. I'm praying for you, Hannah. Love you too!