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Monday, July 11, 2011

Letters to my children #1

Dear Abbey,
You were such a good helper today. I was so proud of you when you played nicely today with your sister. You spread three blankets on the grass, carried milk and cheese outside, and had a tea party with Elizabeth. Later when I was rocking Jonathan in Daddy's chair, you climbed up next to me and sat on the armrest so you could be close to me. I am glad you still want to be close to me.

You made me smile today. We had this cute conversation:
You: “Mommy, I know your name. Daddy calls you Hannah.”
Me: “Yes, that's right.”
You: “Your name is Hannah Albert Mix [your baby brother's middle name is Albert].”
Me: “No, my name is Hannah Rachelle Mix.”
You: “What are the letters in your name?”
Me: “H-A-N-N-A-H.”
You: “But I want you to have the same letters as me.”

I love you so much, Abbey. I am blessed to have you for a daughter.


Hannah Mix

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