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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

 Letters to my children #3

Dear Jonnie-Jon,

You are such a sweet little boy!  Yesterday we worked in the garden.  You were content to just sit in your walker while your sisters and I worked.  Then I laid you on a blanket while I cleaned up the flower bed.  You rolled over to the edge of the blanket and played with the grass.  Thank you for not fussing and crying to be held. 

Last night you woke up crying around 1:30.  As you and I walked around trying to get you back to sleep, you kept saying, "Mum-mum!  Mum-mum!"  I love hearing you say my name!  I love the big smile that lights up your whole face when I talk to you. 

Right now, as I write this, you are sitting on my lap.  You have "helped" me with most of my articles so far.  I've become quite good at typing with one hand!

Now it's time for your nap.  Be a good boy, and go right to sleep!  Mommy loves you very much!

Hannah Mix

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